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The Technical team is responsible for leading the design of our projects, a vital role in the house building process.

The technical teams are responsible for ensuring we maximise the value of a site, create places people want to live in and houses they aspire to whilst meeting technical and sustainability standards. In order to create a vibrant community, it is critical that the technical teams understand the site, its relationship to its surroundings and the houses to meet our customer’s needs. Great attention to detail is needed as the team produces the working drawings that our commercial and production departments use to procure and build our developments. They manage our external consultant team as well as co-ordinating with outside organisations, such as the Highways Agency.

TechnicalThe Technical department acts as a primary focal point for a housing developer in providing practical, cost-effective and desirable products. The department provides a technical involvement in the initial pre-purchase site evaluations; the preparation and submission of planning applications; both engineering and architectural designs; and a continuing involvement in projects right through to their final completion, including the handover of roads, sewers and communal open spaces. To put it simply, the department is involved in all the company’s developments from inception through to completion.

We employ a range of specialists in our regional Technical departments. These include Architects, engineers, technical and design managers, either carrying out design in-house or managing our design consultants. Individuals employed in these positions will normally have appropriate academic and professional qualifications.